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"An Investment in us. If I am to be honest in this review, I have to disclose that I never really thought all that much about beds, or sleep for that matter. I viewed sleep as something that would fluctuate... sometimes it was good, sometimes, maybe not so good. I just didn't dwell on it. The bed was either comfortable so to speak, or it wasn't. I either slept good, or I didn't. It was what it was. A pretty bad perspective I guess for someone who has been biohacking for the past 15 yr.

Now my wife, who is a fanatic about the quality of her sleep, can literally sleep anywhere, under almost any conditions.

So we had thisTemperpedic for the last 20 yr. We thought it was great, meaning we got used to the "sinking in process every night", and didn't concern ourselves if it off gassed because we couldn't smell it anymore... more likely, it was we just got used to it. Bursitis, yes; back pain, more so than not; snoring, my wife says yes; waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake, yes; and turning the matrress over twice a year... holy crab, and I thought I was in shape.

So we decided, after 20 years that it was time for a new bed. My wife wanted, and assumed we would just get another Temperpedic. (Remember, she can sleep anywhere). She forgot that I told her that my next bed was going to be a Samina. I told her that 7 years ago after meeting Claus at the Bulletproof Conference. She thought I was just joking when I would hint over these past 7 years, that our next bed was going to be a Samina. She never saw a Samina other than the website, and would say, "who would ever pay that much for a bed. Like we can really afford to spend that much on a bed"... Down deep, I thought she was probably right. We really couldn't afford that much. But to her I would say..."we have to think of it as an investment, in us".

Well the time came, and I made the call to Claus to explore the possibilty of the "investment". Claus was great, convincing as I knew and hoped he would be, and we got the deal done on that single phone call the day before Thanksgiving.

Yes it was a major investment for us; too much for a rash decision to be made on a single phone call. But the reality was, it was actually a 7 yr decision; that I knew in advance, that it had to be made during that phone call, or I would find some excuse to put it off.

So, it has been 3 months now since we got the Samina Sleep System... and it has surpassed all of my expectations. Samina is so much more than just a bed. I am happy to report, and join the ranks of the many, who honestly are amazed at what they had been missing in past years... and didn't even realize what really good sleep really was. All these positive reviews you read about Samina, I can say that from my perspective, that they are all true.

Funny thing though, and this is almost every night, what I notice the most out of all the positives one can say about Samina, is that the moment you lie down on it, is the instant comfort you feel. That is all I am going to say about it...really, that is all I need to say about it.

Other than, out of all the biohacking and lifestyle changes I have done over the years, the Samina has been the most beneficial, the most used, and one of the best decisions my wife and I have made, as it was, is, and will be for many years... an investment in us.

Yes, it 's true. I, WE, LOVE OUR SAMINA."