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190,00 290,00 

Developed by Prof. Dr. med. h.c. G. W. Amann-Jennson

SAMINA offers only high-quality and extra cuddly duvets – for a comfortable and healthy sleep for you our young sleepsy. An optimal bed climate as well as orthopaedically correct and body-appropriate lying is of utmost importance for our children




SAMINA Kids / Babies duvet – the right duvet for every need

SAMINA offers only high-quality and extra cuddly duvets – for a comfortable and healthy sleep of your loved one. Different sizes and filling thicknesses meet the most diverse requirements – whether you are looking for a suitable blanket for a child, baby or toddler.

100 % natural materials for a healthy sleep

From the first day of birth, parents should attach great importance to a healthy environment for their children. This starts with topics such as organic nutrition, clothing made of materials that are free of harmful substances – but also with the topic of the bedroom, bed and bed contents. Depending on their age, babies and toddlers still sleep for most of their lives. In addition to a harmonious bed climate, it is important to use untreated raw materials and materials. That is why SAMINA uses only natural virgin sheep’s wool as the filling material for its duvets. Organic cotton or organic ceramic cotton is used as the fabric cover. All SAMINA products are carefully manufactured by hand in the company’s own factory in Frastanz/Vorarlberg using time-honoured methods. The gentle manual production process guarantees that the important and natural properties of the raw materials used are retained in their entirety.

Baby duvets for the cold season

With a product range of different baby blanket thicknesses and sizes, SAMINA offers suitable baby blankets and children’s blankets for every season. The SAMINA spring/autumn baby blanket is ideal for the colder times of the year. Filled with pure new sheep’s wool, babies and toddlers can snuggle under the blanket and slumber comfortably, naturally. Children have a high need for warmth, but they also sweat much faster than adults. That’s why it’s important to do justice to these two factors with the right and natural filling material. Organic virgin sheep’s wool provides a pleasant and cosy warmth. The natural fibre also prevents heat accumulation with its unique properties (breathable, air-permeable, temperature-balancing, soothing). SAMINA’s baby duvets guarantee a dry and warm bed climate – without unpleasant sweating.


Herstellung Handarbeit Nähmaschine

Quality without compromise

A high-quality and durable product allows no compromises. Every production step is carefully monitored and controlled. Nothing but the highest quality is good enough.


Carefully thought out in every detail

It is the small details that are not visible at first glance, but make all the difference. Thanks to the cross stitch, for example, there is no slipping, no cold bridges and therefore a product that will stay comfortable for decades.

Herstellung von SAMINA Decke

Functional seams

Our seams are produced on tried-and-tested machines and are functional and robust. It takes a lot of skill and years of training to master these machines perfectly and produce the high quality we strive for.


Eco-friendly production

Cutting to the nearest centimeter drastically reduces waste compared to machine production. As a result, our production is largely climate-neutral. We also avoid the use of metal or plastic.

Schäfer vor seiner Herde

Regional sourcing

Most of our materials are sourced locally. Only the natural rubber Vita Talalay® comes from Indonesia and here, too, the highest quality and sustainability standards apply.

Rolle aus Schafschurwolle

Gentle processing

During the production of the materials, great care is taken to ensure that the natural properties are not impaired by excessive processing.


Pure materials

We do not use any material mixtures and do not use pressing processes in order to ensure the best possible loosening and therefore optimum air layers.


With the power of nature

Nature often has the right solutions ready and we use them wherever possible. That’s why SAMINA products are always made from 100% natural and untreated materials.

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