Nursing and Positioning Pillows

Free of harmful substances, snug, supportive, relief, anti-allergic.

The SAMINA Nursing and Positioning pillow is a new mother’s delight. It is especially suitable for use while pregnant, during birth, while breast-feeding or simply for the relaxation of mother and child. Handmade SAMINA quality goes into every detail and the pillow is made from unpolluted raw materials such as virgin sheep’s wool and organic cotton. During pregnancy, it makes sleeping in the side position more pleasant and more comfortable when positioned between the legs by providing comforting but firm support for the arm and the leg above. While breast-feeding it relieves weight on the arm, shoulder and neck area while the baby is resting on the SAMINA nursing pillow in his/her mother’s arms.

The SAMINA Nursing and Positioning pillow is also frequently used by the elderly or people needing additional care and support. As a comfort cushion to aid relaxation and sleep it will become useful and indispensable for the whole family.

Coordinated pillowcases are available for the SAMINA nursing and positioning pillow in in cotton sateen. Available colors: light blue, dark blue, light yellow and white.

  • Cover is washable organic cotton
  • Length of about 71 inches
  • Holds approximately 4.5 pounds of pure, organic sheep’s wool