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Back pain

Ideal orthopaedic adjustment

The integrated SAMINA® sleep system with the double-sided, highly flexible and freely suspended spinal support slats perfectly adapt to your body and the way it is built. Pressure is taken off from below of areas like the shoulders and pelvis and, very importantly, the loin region is actively supported. This is especially important during deep and REM sleep when there is no muscle tension. Important: this is the only way to prevent the spine from sagging.

Long-term traction of the spine

The double-sided, highly flexible and freely suspended spinal support slats of the SAMINA® sleep system allow the spine to slightly stretch at night. This in turn unlocks the vertebral bodies in the orthopaedically and anatomically right position and gives the discs more room to regenerate.

Automatically independent of weight

The integrated SAMINA® sleep system works regardless of your weight. Whether you are a woman, man or child - whatever your body shape, size and weight, the SAMINA® sleep system perfectly adapts to the orthopaedic needs of the spine.

Active support

The SAMINA® sleep system is an active sleep system. 98% of conventional mattresses are passive and only relieve pressure from below. At night, the double-sided, highly flexible and freely suspended SAMINA® spinal support slats provide relief downwards and active support upwards - this is the only way for the spine to retain its natural and supporting S-shape during deep and REM dream sleep.

Expert consultation on site

The SAMINA® specialist retailers place a lot of importance on comprehensive and personal advice. This valuable free healthy-sleep consultation takes into account the client's individual needs and circumstances as well as the latest findings from sleep research and medicine. SAMINA®'s more than 26 years of experience is a decisive advantage for every customer.

Can be incorporated into every bed frame

The SAMINA® sleep system can be incorporated into almost any bed frame. Thanks to its freely suspended construction it does not need a rigid foundation or frame, and a special mounting set means it can be integrated into an existing or new bed frame in a few simple steps. With its special extras, the SAMINA® sleep system can be tailored to your individual needs; these extras include a seat adjuster to gently support the spine while sitting, a relaxation bridge as support for the spine and to take pressure off the discs, wedges to adjust height of feet and head and the option to remove individual slats and the shoulder lowering setting.

The SAMINA® sleep system - innovative and well thought through from start to finish

Like the human body, the SAMINA sleep system has a layered structure and impresses with harmoniously coordinated elements. Thanks to its systematic structure with double-sided, freely suspended spinal support slats, natural rubber mattress, grounding pad, wool topper as well as blankets and pillows made from natural sheep's wool, you will fall asleep relaxed, sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.

The system's unique design creates active counter-pressure from below. This results in long-term traction of the spine during your sleep, and the vertebral bodies stretch slightly. This gives the discs more room and they are able to regenerate at night. As a result, the muscles can completely relax, and tension and poor posture is avoided. People with back pain, and spine and joint problems particularly benefit from the integrated SAMINA healthy-sleep concept.

Sleeping and getting up without back and neck pain

If a mattress is too soft, the lumbar arch is more likely to sag. This leads to blockages and overstretching of the tendons, ligaments and muscles. What's more, the discs will be in a wedge position when the spine sags. The often painful pressure on the nerve roots disrupts the sleep and the regeneration process. You will notice the back pain as soon as you get up. Sleep bases that are either too hard or too soft are the main cause of sustained back pain without an organic cause.

Only a sleep system that recreates the spine allows you to lie and sleep in an orthopaedically correct way and thus prevent back pain. The highly flexible, double-sided and freely suspended spinal support slats are the heart of the system and more important than the mattress. It ensures the correct positioning, takes pressure off the body and supports it. The integrated SAMINA® sleep system is neither too soft nor too hard. The secret is its unique flexibility, and the contour of the body adjusts immediately whatever your sleeping position. The unique "orthopaedics of lying" was created in cooperation with experts; it meets all the known requirements of anatomically and orthopaedically correct lying and sleeping.

The general muscle weakness of modern western people has not just affected the support of the torso, but also the neck muscles. Ailments in the neck and head area are called cervical syndrome (quick eye movements, pain at the back of the head, neck muscle tension and impaired balance). Many of these complaints are the result of an unnatural head position during sleep. It is particularly important for the neck and head to be in an anatomically correct position during sleep. That's why the orthopaedic SAMINA® pillow, which prevents shifting within the vertebral segments as well as muscle and ligament tension, is so important.

Materials without compromise

The raw materials used for the SAMINA® sleep system are all without exception natural, untreated and of exceptional quality: solid, highly elastic ash wood for the slats of the freely suspended spinal support slats; 100% natural rubber with high point elasticity for the mattresses; natural, breathable cotton as well as 100% organic, contaminant-free sheep's wool for toppers, blankets and pillows.

Anatomically and orthopaedically correct pillows

The orthopaedically correct pillow completes the integrated SAMINA® sleep system. For 25 years we have been developing and producing orthopaedic pillows in close cooperation with orthopaedics, back specialists and sleep medicine experts. The regeneration of the sensitive cervical spine is ensured through size and structure differences and the use of high-quality natural materials and fillings, which includes sheep's wool, spelt and millet.

CO2-neutral manufactory

The SAMINA® sleep system is carefully made by hand, which automatically turns it into a premium quality one-of-a-kind. With the support of ZukunftsWerk, a reputable strategy consultant when it comes to voluntary climate-protection, the production processes for the SAMINA® sleep system are CO2-neutral and thus make an important contribution to climate protection. Sustainability and environmental protection are at the heart of the SAMINA philosophy.

Short delivery times

SAMINA® is a world leader when it comes to delivery times: just a few days for a standard size SAMINA® sleep system and no more than two weeks for special sizes. Before you make a decision to buy, the growing network of shops around the world (with shops in outstanding locations, with a pleasant ambience and excellent professional advice) ensures that you can find out about the integrated SAMINA® sleep system quickly and easily.