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SAMINA Soundlife Sleep System

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Falling asleep gently, sleeping through deeply and gain access to the healing capacities of sleep. This is the philosophy of the SAMINA SoundLife Sleep System®: Using MusicMedicine as a natural transformer to tune body, mind and spirit harmonically towards sleep.


SAMINA SOUNDLIFE SLEEP SYSTEM® uniquely utilizes the scientifically proven effects of MusicMedicine programs produced by SANOSON to enhance the quality of sleep, providing a natural source for calming, relaxation and harmonisation of body, mind, and spirit. It helps to restore healthy sleep patterns for those who experience problems to fall or stay asleep and improves the sleep quality so significantly that it can help people to get the rest they need despite shorter than ideal nights of sleep.


The SAMINA SOUNDLIFE SLEEP SYSTEM® boosts the heart-brain-coherence and thus increases the somatic and mental performance through to the resynchronisation of the physiological rhythms. It so provides the base for optimal self-regulation of the underlying functions of physical and mental health and supports profound healing processes. Scientific expertise demonstrated the following effects:


  • The SAMINA SOUNDLIFE SLEEP SYSTEM® helps falling asleep easily, reaching deep sleep, sleeping
  • through and so improves sleep efficiency
  • During sleep, it activates important self-regulation, self-repairing and self-healing capacities
  • Synchronizes the body rhythms and counteracts the „social“ jetlag phenomenon and lack of sleep
  • symptoms such as tiredness during the day, lack of concentration, listlessness etc.
  • Improves both emotional and work releated stress symptoms

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