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The first night makes all the difference

Health begins in your sleep. The quality of a night's sleep has a direct and indirect effect on your physical and mental well-being. The sleep process and its impact on the regeneration of the body is a complex phenomenon. Many factors come together here: medical-orthopaedic ones, sleep psychological ones, bioenergetic ones and very personal ones. We were guided by these factors in the development of the SAMINA sleep system. You can feel the difference in the first night – for the benefit of your health.

Optimal regeneration for maximum performance

With every movement, muscles, joints and nerve pathways work together. This has to work perfectly in order for you to perform at your physical best. Even the most minor malfunction limits your mobility. The result: The wrong pressure, tension and pain. To prevent this, the static of the body must be right: because the correct posture supports the muscles, joints and nerves in their work instead of placing unnecessary strain on them. Here, the spine plays a crucial role: As the body's backbone, it carries you through life – and it does a lot of work. That's why regeneration at night is so important.

The only sleep system your spine deserves

The optimal sleeping position, because it is the orthopaedically correct one, is when the spine can form its natural S-shape. In other words: The best thing is to lie the way you stand. The problem with conventional sleep supports: The wrong material or an unsuitable base means that your body pressure is not counterbalanced enough or not at all. Buttocks, hips and shoulders sink in, your spine is destabilised, and the pressure is not taken off your muscles.

Thanks to its freely suspended, double-sided slat structure, the SAMINA spinal support slats  combined with the point-elastic natural rubber mattress creates active counter-pressure and acts on exactly those body parts that require support. This results in long-term traction of the spine at night: The vertebral bodies are stretched, the discs have enough space to fill up with liquid and to regenerate. Sticky fascia are loosened, and the muscular system can relax. Poor posture and tension is prevented or discouraged. Pain is relieved or stops altogether.

The orthopaedically measurable difference

The SAMINA sleep system makes all the difference. We want to prove this to you. And so we came up with a very special idea: We measure you. In Professor Dr. med. Oliver Tobolski's SPORTHOMOTION centre for movement in Cologne, light-optical methods without any radiation exposure are used to map your entire spine and pelvis. This visualises poor posture, asymmetry and muscle imbalances, i.e. imbalances between the muscle groups. The 3D body axis measurement also maps the position of the individual vertebral bodies. We perform the examination twice: before your first night on the SAMINA sleep system and three to four weeks later.

If no measurable changes can be identified, we will take back the sleep system and refund the purchase price. As you can see: We are serious. See for yourself. Spine measurement with Professor Dr. med. Oliver Tobolski

System components with a bioenergetic effect

The components of the SAMINA sleep system work orthopaedically. But that's not all. Its bioenergetic properties also have a positive effect on microcirculation. This is hugely important for your health and well-being. Over 70 percent of blood flow takes place in the large network of capillaries, which consists of the smallest blood vessels in the body. The capillaries are responsible for supplying the tissue and cells with oxygen and nutrients while eliminating toxins. Good microcirculation during the regeneration phase at night (supported for example by the Lokosana grounding pad) strengthens the immune system, helps you fight free radicals, promotes self-healing – and the next morning you wake up and feel wonderfully refreshed.

Your health is very important to us. That's why we developed the perfect sleep system. We know that it works. And we take the time to explain it to you: during the SAMINA healthy-sleep consultation in the shop of your choice.