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SAMINA healthy-sleep concept


Ergometric, point elastic and climate-friendly

The SAMINA healthy-sleep system is an integrated concept that meets all the requirements of orthopaedic lying and thus ensures healthy sleep. The exclusive use of untreated materials promotes restorative regeneration at night. All individual parts of the SAMINA healthy-sleep concept are in harmony with each other and promote healthy sleep. The high degree of flexibility of the different parts means that the SAMINA sleep system can be tailored to individual needs.

Lying in accordance with orthopaedic principles

The spine is the backbone of the body. It carries the body through daily life and is subject to considerable strains. It therefore needs the best possible positioning at night to prevent or counteract back pain. In every sleeping position the spine should form its natural and orthopaedically correct S-shape. Depending on material and base, this is often lost because body pressure is not counterbalanced enough or not at all. Heavy body parts such as buttocks, hips and shoulders will sink in and destabilise the spine. Only if the body is positioned such that the posture is the same as when standing up by using the perfect sleep support it is possible for the spine to rest properly and strain to be taken off the muscles. The freely suspended, double-sided SAMINA slat frame is uniquely designed that creates active counterpressure from below and thus meets all the requirements of an orthopaedic sleep system. The resulting long-term traction of the spine at night causes the vertebral bodies to be stretched and the discs have more room to truly regenerate. This allows the muscles to relax completely and prevents poor posture and tension. People with back pain, spine and disc pain particularly benefit from this harmonious and finely tuned SAMINA healthy-sleep concept.

Natural materials for an optimal bed climate

An ideal sleep concept must not just ensure that the spine is in the orthopaedically correct position, it must also meet dermatological and rheumatological criteria. The SAMINA mattress made from 100% natural rubber and, thanks to its exceptional point elasticity and excellent spring-back properties, helps prevent the sensation of pressure. This can often be felt in the skin and muscles if the base is too hard. The perfect interaction between the SAMINA mattress and the SAMINA slat frame means that the effect of orthopaedic lying is immediately passed on and blood circulation continues to be good at night. The SAMINA sheep's wool topper completes the SAMINA healthy-sleep concept. Filled with 100% organic sheep's wool, it takes advantage of the excellent moisture absorption properties of sheep's wool. Untreated and natural sheep's wool also has excellent self-cleaning capacity, which makes handling and caring for it so much easier. The dry and harmonious bed climate promotes regenerative sleep and at the same time prevents rheumatism.