Sophisticated Accessories

Perfect in all Positions

The SAMINA healthy sleep concept also includes a sophisticated set of additional parts made ​​of solid beech wood. An existing bed frame can be adjusted to specific needs for specific purposes in an instant for a natural healthy sleep SAMINA. For example, a metal-free seating position for reading, a relaxation bridge for therapeutic use with lower back, and head and foot wedges for circulation improvement can be inserted at any time.


The SAMINA Reading Recliner is metal-free and manual (no electric motor required) to allow sitting in bed with an anatomically correct spine and gentle reclining for the joints. There are four different positions for maximum comfort to adjust to body type and personal preference.

The SAMINA Relaxation Bridge brings the spine into a relaxed, prone position. It is not intended for sleeping but is suitable for short periods of time for therapeutic purposes especially to relieve the lower intervertebral discs after strenuous exercise, heavy lifting or other strain.

Using special Header/Footer Wedges, the head and feet can be raised by a couple of inches to improve blood circulation. The SAMINA Hip Support is used to increase the strength level of the slat frame in the hip area. This can always be installed later.


The SAMINA Shoulder Bolster is the optimal solution for side sleepers or people with shoulder and neck tension. It is used by replacing wooden slats in the shoulder area with an organic wool pad so the shoulder zone experiences relief and stabilization. The also subsequently integrated SAMINA shoulder zone is attached at the shoulders. The elastic, padded Shoulder Bolster may also be used to lessen pressure in other sensitive areas of the body (hip, lower back, etc.)

Consult with a knowledgeable SAMINA Adviser before customizing a SAMINA sleep system.