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SAMINA Healthy Sleep Solution

SAMINA brings nature back: Sleep in its most natural form.

Like the human body, the SAMINA healthy sleep concept is built of layers that harmonically coordinate with the body. Thanks to its layered components including the freely suspended spinal support slats, natural rubber mattress, Lokosana® grounding pad, organic wool mattress topper, duvets and pillows all made from natural materials, the essential conditions are present to fall asleep relaxed, stay asleep and awake refreshed.

SAMINA Schlafsystem

SAMINA’s Climate-regulating Virgin Sheep’s Wool Mattress Topper

The SAMINA sheep’s wool mattress topper forms the uppermost layer of the SAMINA sleeping system. It is filled with 100% organic sheep's wool which, in addition to a high rate of moisture absorption, also has an ideal self-cleaning capability. Thus, the moisture which is often the most important sustenance for allergy-causing dust mites is eliminated. The dry heat allows for a good night's sleep and also has anti-rheumatic benefits lessening the occurrence of a stiff back or neck. The shell of the virgin sheep’s wool mattress topper comes in options made from either Organic Cotton, Organic Wool or Bio-ceramic®.


Lokosana® Grounding Pad – The "Barefoot in Nature Effect" Through the Night

As human beings, we are bioelectrical organisms living on an electrical planet. The basic idea of the Lokosana® grounding pad is to improve the quality of sleep through grounding (also known as “earthing”) and the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields. Grounding the body at night restores it to its normal electrical state so it’s more able to compensate for unwanted electric field influences. Scientific studies have shown that when we ground ourselves, free electrons in our body flow more freely. Thus, the body can use the electromagnetic quality of the earth for a better and deeper sleep. Sleeping grounded improves circulation and lessens pain so you awake feeling better and with more energy.

Most people feel comfortable in the great outdoors especially when they are barefoot and that’s because they have direct contact with the earth – they are physically grounded. The Lokosana® grounding pad is a revolutionary way for you to have healthy, restful sleep and so you can have the "barefoot in nature effect” through the night.


Natural SAMINA Rubber Mattress with Superior Elasticity

The SAMINA natural rubber mattress efficiently transfers the action and properties of the flexible slat frame. It is characterized by particularly superior elasticity and exceptionally good resilience to assure a high level of comfort while sleeping. SAMINA mattresses are made from 100% natural rubber. Thanks to its porous cellular structure, the SAMINA natural rubber mattress ensures optimal moisture regulation, too. This low-maintenance, light weight, and durable mattress is an integral component of the SAMINA healthy sleep system.

SAMINA Naturkautschukmatratze

Freely-Suspended, Double-Sided SAMINA Slat Frame

To ensure an optimal recovery of the back, the spine and the muscles, the ideal sleeping base should support the body just as if it was standing up. The SAMINA healthy sleep concept fulfills this criterion perfectly thanks to the patented construction of the double-sided, free-floating SAMINA spinal support slats. The spinal support slats sustain and relieve the body and thus ensure a constant pressure between the sleeper and the base. Thus during sleep, one has a long term traction of the spine, the intervertebral discs have more space and can regenerate properly, and the muscles are able to let go in all sleeping positions and relax. Pressure marks, muscle hardening and circulatory disturbances can be avoided. The SAMINA slat frame interacts with the sleeper in a supportive, springy and balanced way - irrespective of body weight.

SAMINA Lamellenrost

Optional Accessories

SAMINA also offers a series of sophisticated accessories: the Reading Recliner enables a gentle support of the spine while seated; the Relaxation Bridge provides special spinal relaxation when laying on the stomach; special Header/Footer Wedges can adjust the height of the head and foot area by almost 2 inches.

NOTE: These optional accessories and other adjustments are best determined in consultation with a SAMINA adviser.

SAMINA Funktionsleisten