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Craftsmanship from the mountains

The SAMINA factory is located in Frastanz in the Vorarlberg region, immersed in nature and with magnificent views of the Alps. Here we create each SAMINA product in traditional craftsmanship, made from valuable unprocessed raw materials that meet the highest standards and are subject to the most stringent controls. That's how we create the SAMINA sleep system - in traditional craftsmanship, gently prepared, carefully produced and perfected with a love of detail.

High-quality natural materials

Everything that surrounds you in bed is close to you. This means we have a responsibility. In the manufactory we only use materials that meet the highest quality standards – from the natural products we use to the processed raw materials: Organic sheep's wool from the best German merino sheep from the Lechtal valley in the Allgäu region. We use untreated solid abrasion-resistant, pliant ash and hard, robust beech from local forests. Natural rubber extracted by hand in Vita Talalay quality. The finest cotton and organic ceramic fabrics.

Gentle production process

After shearing, our sheep's wool is gently washed before it is carefully processed into wool fleece and other fabrics. We do not process the solid wood we use. During industrial manufacture, the natural properties of the raw materials are destroyed by the machines. We believe in the power of nature – and a gentle manual manufacturing process in order to retain it. This is the only way for the valuable properties of the materials to come into their own – and it allows us to offer a product that enables you to enjoy sleep in its purest form: healthy, ecological and sustainable.

Traditional craftmanship

The products we produce are all unique one-offs. Each individual slat made from pliant ash is tested for quality and carefully integrated without glue. Each topper, each blanket and each pillow is filled by hand and finished using an elaborate cross stitch in our own sewing room. This allows us to prevent cold bridges due to inflexible lock-stitch seams.

Climate-neutral production

We have been making our products in Frastanz for 30 years. We have already managed to inspire more than 300,000 customers with our SAMINA products. Being responsible in our dealings with natural resources is very important to us, and in 2015 we opted for climate-friendly and CO2-neutral production processes: from the extraction of the raw materials and the manual production process to the delivery to our customers.

Each one of us believes in the work we do each day. We would like to convince you, too. In person, if possible. In our manufactory in Frastanz – magnificent Alpine panorama included. We look forward to hearing from you.