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SAMINA Franchising | Green Franchising

SAMINA – a business idea with future

SAMINA company founder Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson belongs to the pioneers in "Healthy Sleep". In co-operation with doctors, sleep researchers and scientists Prof. Amann-Jennson has developed the bioenergetic sleep-healthy-concept®.

A business idea with benefit for your customers

The focus of every day work of all SAMINA partners is the improvement of the customer’s sleeping quality. Because healthy sleep is the most important pillar for more health, vigor, vitality, vital energy and success. Factors like poor indoor climate, noise, light stimuli, electromagnetic pollution, toxins and a wrong bed usually have a negative influence on regenerative sleep. Due to this complexity, SAMINA provides a holistic offer for sleep optimization. Because the easiest way to more health, vigor, vitality, vital energy and success is healthy sleep. Here, SAMINA fulfills all known orthopedic, material-caused, housing biology and bioenergetic demands for a highest possible sleeping quality.

Start into success with a business system based on partnership

SAMINA offers you a successful partnership system. The secret is the inspiring business idea combined with the multiplication of a market-ready sales concept. Supported by marketing, advertisement, training and relieved by proven organizational processes SAMINA partner quickly and safely stand on their own feet. With SAMINA, you are able to use know-how from the first day on; without losing your personal freedom of entrepreneurship.

Start up your own business now!

If you want to become an independent entrepreneur, franchising is offering the best possible prospects of success. At the same time, it is important to be in right market segment. Here, you truly are in the right position with SAMINA. There are many reasons for becoming independent: economic independence, higher social status in society, more quality of life but more individual responsibility, too. These are the things motivating for real entrepreneurial careers. You can fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss.

Health is the largest future market.

In the third millennium, all business segments and areas of life are determined by health. Step into the future and become a SAMINA partner. According to the economic researcher Prof. Paul Zane Pilzer, health and wellness business segments offer the most significant economic chances. And this especially includes healthy sleep. Because, on the basis of recent studies, our health depends up to 90 % on healthy sleep. This is also confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO officially incorporated healthy sleep in the health code as most important pillar for our health, besides nutrition and movement.

SAMINA partner profile

The SAMINA franchise partnership is a method for success for anyone. If you are affirming the major part of the following factors of success you are on the right track for a successful self-employment with SAMINA.

  • You are having top sales skills and want to become self-employed.
  • SAMINA products and its business philosophy appeal to you.
  • You like to be in a partnership where all partners work together for success.
  • You want to gain more quality of life by becoming self-employed.
  • You are sociable and are approaching people easily.
  • Your spouse/life partner supports your idea of becoming self-employed.
  • You possess the commercial and financial prerequisites for a SAMINA franchise partnership.

Capital is an important factor on your way to a successful self-employment. It depends on your location, store size, furnishing, rental costs, etc. on how much you actually need. We are going to discuss these points fair and square. To be able to open a SAMINA store at an attractive location with a good passenger frequency you should have appropriate seed capital (EURO 50,000.00 to EURO 80,000.00), about half should by equity. Like this, your SAMINA store is solidly financed, from the first day on.

Contact us. We are offering you a practice-oriented system and support you: starting with comprehensive training up to a complete marketing concept.

SAMINA headquarter, Philipp Amann

E-Mail: amannph@samina.at, Tel. +43 (5522) 53500