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Healthy sleep as home-therapy

Healthy Sleep as Home TherapyLong since science has confirmed that sleep is one of the most important key factors for our health – if not even the most important one. Because, already 20 years ago, the sleep scientist Prof. Dr. William C. Dement (Stanford University) has summed up: “After 40 years of sleep science I haven’t found any other factor that has a bigger impact on our well-being than sleep. More than 90 % of our health depend on sleep.”


Poor sleep can make you sick

Recent studies reveal that 80 % of all employees complain about a bad, disturbed and no longer restful sleep. Besides tiredness this results in decrease of performance, lack of concentration, increased error rate etc. as well as in several health disturbances. The risk for high blood pressure, infarction, stroke, diabetes, overweight, depressions, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc. dramatically increases.


Eliminate back pain during sleep

Eliminate back pain during sleepLarge percentage of the population furthermore suffer under acute resp. chronic back pain. This often is the consequence of an improper bed. Back pains can have many faces that affect the day as well as the night.

  • neck- and shoulder pain
    physically non-correct sitting and working
  • painful muscular tensions
    80 – 85 % of back pains are muscularly caused. Stress might be one reason.
  • piercing pain
    muscle shortenings might lead to muscle cramps
  •  problems with the intervertebral discs
    in the lower part of the back the spine is exposed to heavy load.

In any case, it is advisable to improve your sleep at all levels independent which group you belong to.

The vision of the SAMINA founder

Non one knows the inner and outer pre-conditions of healthy sleep better than the sleep-healthy-pioneer and SAMINA founder Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson. Over the last 30 years, he had explored more than 40 sleep disturbing resp. sleep enhancing key factors. This valuable know-how is basic of the holistic and biologic active SAMINA bed system. And the initial vision of the SAMINA founder to therapeutically use sleep and the time spent sleeping nowadays is a huge benefit for all customers. This, too, is the reason why the SAMINA know-how is used by more than 60 hotels, health centers and clinics. And, why so many – often worldwide known – physicians and therapists themselves sleep on SAMINA and recommend it to their patients.

sleeping healthy, restful, regenerative and especially pain-freeNowadays, sleeping healthy, restful, regenerative and especially pain-free has turned into one of the greatest challenges of our society. Especially indoor toxins and metals, too much light or electromagnetic pollution at the sleeping place, orthopedically insufficient bed underlays and many more disturb our sleep. A competent expert knowledge in the field of sleep biology, orthopedics, bedding climatology, thermoregulation, or electro biology is needed to remedy these disturbing influences. Only when these fields are taken into consideration at the sleeping place and in a bed system healthy sleep becomes possible. Out of this reason, Prof. Amann-Jennson started to establish a worldwide network of certified sleep-healthy-coaches.

Consider, that over the course of one year we spend four months sleeping! This might be a source for health, well-being, vitality and joy or the reason for several health disturbances. Because, your sleep reflects your well-being and your health. There is no sick person who actually sleeps well and there is no healthy person who actually sleeps badly.


Therefore, invest in your life and your health now. Learn more about your ideal sleep at SAMINA. In the SAMINA advice centers a competent and experienced team of sleep-healthy-coaches awaits you. They assist you with a comprehensive sleep diagnosis as well as with a holistic sleep-healthy-coaching. Use the advice of your personal sleep-healthy-coach. You, too, can profit from it!

Your SAMINA sleep-healthy-coach advises you in all questions concerning healthy sleep resp. sleep related topics, like:

  • sleep disturbances
  • stress symptoms
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • tensions
  • nightly sweating and many more

Use your sleep for therapy!

It’s hard to imagine: 70 % of your physical and 100 % of your mental regeneration depend on sleep. But, it’s a huge difference between “just sleeping” and “sleeping healthy”. To really sleep healthy, you have to fulfill basic pre-conditions. Here it is important, that the sleep-healthy-trio bedroom-sleeping place-bed system meets all sleep- and electro biologic expectations. Your personal sleep-healthy-coach and SAMINA take care of exactly these things. This ensures, that you can benefit from the power of handmade, organic and bio-active natural materials while sleeping. Furthermore, you will sleep toxic- and metal-free, use the biologic effects of grounding and - due to inclined sleeping - use gravity for activation of optimal detoxification during sleep. In case you are suffering under stress-induced disturbances to fall asleep und to sleep through, MusicMedicine developed in co-operation with the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria, might be very valuable for you, too.

Best, make an appointment with a certified sleep-healthy-coach close to you.