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Impress your guests with an exceptional sleeping experience

People booking a stay at a wellness hotel often need a break from the stressful everyday life. You as a hotel keeper surely are aiming to offer your guests full relaxation and regeneration. Already 80 % of your hotel guests are struggling with bad, disturbed and no longer restful sleep. From sleep science it is known that people sleeping bad at home normally even sleep worse away from home and thus in the hotel as well. Optimal relaxation of body and soul is prevented by the arising superficial, fitful, and non-restful sleep. Many guests complain about disturbances to fall asleep and to sleep through as well as about waking up too early. This results in short nights and your guests start tired, exhausted and dissatisfied in the new day.

Impress your guests with an exceptional sleeping experience

Healthy sleep is very popular

Society is changing. A healthy lifestyle lies fully in the trend and constantly gains more and more importance. And healthy and restful sleep is a part of it. Because, when you fail to recover during sleep you won’t be fully efficient the next day – even when everything else is done for your health. 70 % of our physical and 100 % of our mental recovery takes place in the night during sleep. Therefore, our body repairs and strengthens itself - provided that the sleep is undisturbed. A restful night can harmonize body, mind and soul and therewith supports the body to completely relax and to release stress.

SAMINA Power Sleeping Rooms® for a relaxed sleep

SAMINA Power Sleeping Rooms for a relaxed sleepThe sleep-healthy-pioneer and SAMINA founder Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amman-Jennson has intensively dealt with society’s sleeping problems during the last 30 years. This resulted in the sleep-healthy-concept for at home and for clinics. For the hotel business, too, Prof. Amann-Jennson has developed the multiple award-winning concept of “Wellness during sleep | Power Sleeping Rooms®”. With this concept, your guests are able to enjoy bioenergetic sleep® - the highest measurable form of healthy, restful and regenerating sleep for body and mind. As a consequence you offer your hotel guests the possibility to relax – the very one thing they are looking for on holiday. With this groundbreaking development, all possible sleep disturbing factors are considered and optimized: orthopedic, sleep medical, sleep biological, and bedding climatic factors as well as light- and electro-biologic disturbances. The concept “Wellness during sleep | Power Sleeping Rooms®” for hotels therefore offers ideal sleeping conditions for your guests. Günther W. Amann-Jennson has been awarded for this unique conception in 2010 with the SENSES Vision Award in Berlin and two years later with the SENSES Life Time Award in London.

SAMINA – reliable partner for outstanding hotels

SAMINA – reliable partner for outstanding hotelsWith our sophisticated and comprehensive system especially for hotels we’ve already convinced about 60 satisfied 4-star, 4s-star and 5-star-hotels. Our products are lovingly manufactured by hand and one of a kind. They consist to 100 % of natural, non-chemical materials in bio-quality. With our bio-active natural products you follow a sustainable and healthy trend. A trend, gaining more and more importance when choosing a hotel. SAMINA products are biodegradable and climate neutral. When selecting the natural materials we pay attention to regional origin, where possible. The SAMINA sleeping systems create a pleasant atmosphere and offer your hotel a sustainable solution due to the long durability. And your guests can sleep carefree and relaxed longstanding. So, your guests do something good for themselves and at the same time leave a green footprint behind. With the step towards a healthy, natural direction as well as the automatic and free membership in the “sleep-healthy-hotel group” you additionally win a new and self-conscious target group. Furthermore, due to the international network of our hotel co-operations you get numerous further advantages.

A sleep you will remember

SAMINA reacts to your individual wishes which makes us a reliable partner of hotels, physicians, psychologists, alternative practitioners, professional athletes, etc. We have – for example – already furnished airplanes, yachts and camper vans. We support you in creating the ideal hotel room for your guests. Your guests will be able to recharge their batteries between ergonomic SAMINA pillows and covers made of pure sheep wool with different fill power, suitable for any time of the year. So, your hotel guests will remember the beautiful and restful time they spent at your hotel for a long time. Give your guests pure vital energy and inform yourself at our SAMINA head quarter on how you to bring them new vitality. And your guests will start in their lives fit and relaxed.

Arrange today a visit of Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson or of Philipp Amann, head of our hotel cooperation department.