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Healthy sleep as a central pillar for treatment in your private clinic

Healthy sleep as a central pillar for treatment in your private clinicOn the occasion of his emeritation, William C. Dement, for many years the leading sleep-scientist of the sleep-research center at Stanford University, California, has made it clear in 1998 already. “After 40 years of sleep research I have found no other factor with the same influence on our well-being and our health like sleep.

More than 90 % of our health depend on sleep.” During the last twenty years, this remark has been proven and further strengthened in numerous studies.

Furthermore, from the medical point of view, healthy sleep is and remains one of the most important “remedies”. Because, only during sleep the important self-healing-powers are activated. Ultimately, these self-healing-powers support treatment success.




More and more patients suffer under sleep disturbances 

More and more patients suffer under sleep disturbancesIn the health report 2017 of the DAK health insurance company, Germany, a representative survey revealed that in Germany, more than 80 % of all employees complain about a bad, disturbed and no-longer restful sleep. Sleep disturbances, non-restful sleep and lack of sleep are substantially involved in the development of current civilization diseases since important processes of regulation, repair and healing become disturbed.

So, the development of cardio-vascular disturbances, infarction, stroke, diabetes, depressions, Alzheimer’s, cancer etc. are favored. A careful anamnesis shows that a lot of patients suffer under disturbed sleep. Often, they suffer under a non-diagnosed sleep apnea. This nightly oxygen deficit is involved in the disease process, leads to a resistance to therapies and more and more often prevents healing of diseases. 




More and more patients suffer under problems in the back, the joints and muscles

Stress, improper nutrition, too few exercise and orthopedically insufficient mattress-systems support the problem area concerning the patients’ support apparatus. In co-operation with orthopedists and orthopedic clinics, the “orthopedic of lying” emerged. Here, in completion of orthopedic and physio-therapeutic treatments we achieve unique successes with a passive orthopedic-therapy during sleep. This is confirmed in an observational study of Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Tobolski, conducted in his clinic in Cologne, Germany. Especially with people with unspecified and non-organic medical findings it may lead to astonishing and lasting improvements. Because, chronic pains in the back, neck, joints and muscles are potential sleep disturber.

Detoxification needs metal-free and non-chemical sleep

Only a biologically high-quality sleep ensures sufficient and effective release of the “nightly hormones” especially of the so-called sleep- and protection-hormone melatonin. Melatonin is the best natural antioxidant and so is effective against many free radicals which are suspected of causing cancer. Sleep also regulates the hormones cortisol, insulin, and testosterone – all of them important factors for treatment of health disturbances. These hormones are very important for the nightly building- and degradation processes as well as for the detoxification of the organism. Furthermore, when simultaneously ensuring that the sleeping place is sleep-biologically optimized and – very important – free ox toxins, this effect can be massively improved. The “industrial sleep” with chemically polluted and often metal containing mattresses, pillows and covers has already become one of the biggest health hazards for civilization. Many clinics strain already health disturbed patients by using industrially processed mattresses and bedding with toxic and cancer-causing chemicals each night for seven to eight hours. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and irritant gases enter the body via skin and breathing. Mainly, they accumulate in the connective tissue.

Metals at the sleeping place disturb sleep and health 

In several private clinics, spring- and box-spring-mattresses are used. The electrically conductive steel springs couple to the radiation fields of the home power network as well as of mobile communications, W-LAN, DECT cordless phones etc. The whole night long, they increased radiate like antennas on the body and further strain patients. Thus, amongst others, the release of stress hormones is stimulated and the regeneration becomes sustainably disturbed. Furthermore, the natural earths’ magnetic field – also an important biologic ordering factor and sleep regulator – becomes disturbed, too. These influences not only affect the sleeping process but also the nightly detoxification of body and brain, the physical and mental regeneration and finally the success of treatment.

The new trend in private clinics – sleep as therapy

The new trend in private clinics – sleep as therapyAnyone wishing to use sleep as central pillar at the highest therapeutic level prefers “natural sleep”. Thus, only uses organic, metal-free and manually processed bed systems like our SAMINA sleep-healthy concept, developed under the leadership of Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson. Due to the co-operation with internationally known sleep medics, physicians, therapists, health centers and clinics the effectiveness of 30 years of know-how and the “passive therapies during sleep” long-since is proven. With a special concept for clinics, each patient’s rooms and each clinic-sleeping-place can be optimized sleep biologically. Here, our natural materials like organic, bio-active sheep wool in pads and covers care for a dry and warm bedding climate and therewith support detoxification of the body. The large-scale body grounding (earthing) leads to 40 biologic effects during sleep and supplies our body with free electrons counteracting “oxidative stress”. Our SAMINA sleep-healthy-concept corresponds in a unique way with all organic, sleep biologic, sleep medical, orthopedic, bed-climatologic, and electro-biologic expectations to healthy sleep known. Therefore, more and more physicians and experts call SAMINA the “healthiest bed system of the world”.

Sleep-healthy-innovations delight physicians and patients

SAMINA Gravity® (inclined sleeping), a world-novelty developed in co-operation with Prof. Dr. med Karl Hecht, Berlin, can be a natural solution against snoring and sleep-apnea. Besides many other advantages, inclined sleeping can support detoxification of body and brain during sleep. At the same time, the removal of toxins and heavy metals is massively supported. A further world-novelty is the SAMINA SoundLife Sleep System® (MusicMedicine during sleep), developed in co-operation with the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria. Special, chrono-biologically effective music compositions supplied the whole night long by a sound-pillow support the total sleeping process and lead to a synchronization of the inner clocks. This is a huge advantage for activation of the body’s own mechanism of regulation, repair and self-healing. So, even at a hospital stay all advantages of almost 30 years of SAMINA sleep-healthy-science can be used. Summed up, these innovations support the optimal detoxification as well as the revitalization and healing of body and brain during sleep.

Diseases caused by stress and depressions need the best sleep possible

The connection of sleep disturbances and lack of sleep with mental diseases, neurodegenerative disturbances like Alzheimer’s and especially of depressions are scientifically well examined. Recent studies reveal, that the majority of all people suffering under depressions or burnout also suffer under sleep disturbances or non-restful sleep. For a long time, scientists presumed that sleep disturbances simply are a symptom of depression or burnout. Nowadays, it’s a known fact that limited sleeping quality contributes to mental diseases, especially to depressions. Latest scientific findings reveal, that focused treatment of sleeping disturbances lead to remarkable improvements in patients with depressions. This is one of the greatest advances in the treatment of depressions of the last decades. In this connection, the private clinic project for diseases caused by stress and depressions “Clinicum Alpinum”, Principality of Liechtenstein, becomes to a milestone in the field of private clinics. The Clinicum Alpinum worldwide is the first clinic using the bioenergetic sleep® for diagnosis (sleep laboratory) as well as medical-therapeutic (sleep-healthy-coaching).

The time has come – for your clinic, too?

For persons responsible for future-oriented private clinics, these are valid reasons why it’s worth to implement the 30 years of know-how of the sleep-healthy-pioneer and SAMINA founder Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson into their treatment concept. By doing so, the best possible biological sleeping quality already is achieved during the hospital stay as well as the treatment. The nightly sleep has the vital function to neutralize, break down and prepare for excretion different toxins we absorb in our organism during day via nutrition, water, surrounding, medication etc. Thus, the cells of all our organ systems which are highly active during day and mainly rest at night regenerate much better. This provides new energy for the day following and so supports all medical-therapeutic measures and finally the recovery of the patient.

Sleep biologic optimization of existing sleeping places

The SAMINA sleep-healthy-philosophy is a holistic interaction of “sleep-healthy-hardware” and “sleep-healthy-coaching”. Here, the most important steps in existing rooms are:

  • sleep-biologic check in the clinic for determination of starting situation
  • optimization of bedrooms, sleeping places and sleep surrounding
  • use of holistic sleep-healthy-concepts with high quality non-chemical and metal-free sleeping systems that meet all biologic, sleep medical, orthopedic, bed climatological and electro biological expectations and improve sleep at all levels, like the SAMINA sleep-healthy-concept does (Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht, Berlin)
  • implementation of a sleep biologic darkening-concept as well as implementation/optimization of a sleep biological lighting concept

When renovating, in new buildings or conversions:

  • comprehensive advice for architects, craftsmen and building team in building-, electro, and sleep biology
  • use of chosen and preferably natural building- and furnishing materials for an eco-harmonious climate in the bedroom and for well-being
  • installation of shielded electric cables for a low burden of electromagnetic pollution
  • installation of a sleep biologic night lighting concept for nightly visits to the bathroom with a low awakening effect
  • installation of special “green switches” which turn off all stand-by-appliances during sleep
  • installation of special charging stations for mobile phones, iPod, iPad etc. out of the sleeping area etc.

When desired, an additional outpatient sleep diagnosis can be installed. Physicians and therapists interested are trained in a seminar with Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson as a “certified sleep-healthy-coach”.

Contact us today and make an appointment for a visit and consultation of Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson at your clinic.