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Improved quality of life - your personal sleep consultation by SAMINA experts

Benefit from 30 years of expertise and attend a personal sleep consultation. Quality of sleep has a direct effect on the sleeper's vitality and health. This shows once again the great potential of regenerative sleep. The subject of sleep is very complex generally speaking, and not all secrets have yet been uncovered.

The fact that sleep is affected by different factors stresses the need for a personal sleep consultation, which is offered at the SAMINA branches and outlets.


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If you attend a free SAMINA healthy sleep consultation we give you a high quality original SAMINA travel pillow as a gift. von uns.

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Good and healthy sleep improves your quality of life

We sleep away about one third of our lifetime. However, more than 30% of Europeans have problems falling or staying asleep. Many sufferers ask themselves how they can significantly improve the quality of their sleep and make it more restful. Once you suffer from sleep problems you realise how important good sleep is and the positive effects it has on body, mind and soul. And it has now been scientifically proven that good sleep makes you happy and healthy. It is absolutely essential for our physical, mental and emotional health to create the best conditions for good sleep. While we sleep, all our bodily functions are in stand-by mode. Body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and body frequencies are lower, our breathing becomes calmer and the muscles relax. Sleep is a vital regeneration phase during which the cells regenerate and the body recharges its batteries.

It also strengthens your natural immune system and your hormone balance is whipped into shape. That's why expert sleep advice tailored to your personal needs is very important.

Your personal sleep consultation at SAMINA

SAMINA's experienced team of healthy-sleep consultants provide expert advice. In a personal consultation we discuss your individual needs regarding sleep environment or existing health issues such as a slipped disc, back pain or sleep problems.

You will also be given helpful tips on how to care for your SAMINA sleep system and how to use it. During the free sleep consultation our SAMINA consultants will explain to you how the integrated SAMINA healthy-sleep concept has a regenerative effect on your well-being and your sleep, and how the system meets all orthopaedic criteria set by physiotherapists, therapists and doctors.

Many years of experience and expertise

We will tell you about the right metal-free bed frame, how to care for your SAMINA healthy-sleep products and much more; if you are interested, we will also talk to you about an undisturbed sleeping area. Electric and magnetic fields for instance can have a significant influence on sleep and health. We therefore take such confounding variables into account during the consultation. Visit SAMINA near you. We will do what we can to ensure that you and your family enjoy a healthy and natural sleep.

And by the way: We are certain of the premium quality of our products. Benefit from our decades of experience. Your health will thank you.

Experience and advice – Make an appointment now!

At SAMINA your personal sleep consultation is free and without obligation. Why not make an appointment now so you can enjoy a relaxing and restful sleep in the future.