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Our manufactory

Handmade and climate-friendly - a healthy-sleep system made locally

We have deliberately opted for climate-friendly, manual production processes and are actively involved in climate protection. As well as conforming to the highest quality standards regarding our natural materials, since January 2015, the production of all our SAMINA healthy-sleep products has been CO2-neutral.

We believe in the power of nature

The SAMINA sleep systems are carefully handcrafted at our main site in Frastanz/Vorarlberg. Special attention is placed on the interaction between the natural materials. We focus on a manufacturing process that's natural and gentle on the products.

Every day, our manufactory carefully and gently processes high-quality ash wood and precious sheep's wool. Each single slat is quality tested before we use it. Pillows, sheep's wool toppers and blankets are filled by hand and finished in our own sewing room using the cross stitch technique. This allows us to prevent cold bridges due to inflexible lock-stitch seams. The SAMINA bed products bring you a harmonious and warm bed climate – all the year round.

Each SAMINA product is a lovingly crafted one-of-a-kind that meets the highest quality standards. With the SAMINA sleep system you bring a piece of nature back into your bedroom – and you will be able to enjoy an incomparable sleep experience.

Healthy and climate-neutral sleep

With the support of ZukunftsWerk, a reputable strategy consultant when it comes to voluntary climate-protection, the production processes for the SAMINA healthy-sleep products are CO2-neutral and thus make an important contribution to climate protection.

The family business has always made its products in harmony with nature at its headquarters in Frastanz/Vorarlberg; the company attaches great value to mindfulness when it comes to all natural resources, and it has calculated and offset the CO2 footprint of its entire production process. SAMINA has recorded the associated CO2 emissions and then fully offset them by the purchase and sale of CO2 emission rights; this covers everything from the raw materials, the manual production process, the delivery of the sleep systems to the customer all the way to the disposal of the products after a long service life. Although greenhouse gas emissions at SAMINA are very low because the company uses high-quality natural raw materials, green electricity and gentle processes, it was important for the company to record CO2 emissions accurately and fully.

SAMINA is only responsible for just under 800 tons of CO2 per year. This is equal to the CO2 emissions of about 80 Europeans.

"The careful selection of climate-friendly raw materials, energy efficiency and green electricity are important elements of our environmental strategy," explains SAMINA company founder Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson; and he continues: "We wanted to do more than that and have decided to completely offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions. This is designed, in the year of the all-important climate summit, to send out a clear message that we as a company share a responsibility for the climate and have to contribute to protecting it."

In the spring, the company drew up an extensive CO2 emission balance for the year 2014, which incorporated all major sources of emission. In addition to the raw materials and energy, logistics, employees' commute to and from work as well as the recycling of reusable materials play a role. On the basis of its CO2 emission balance, SAMINA now fully offsets its greenhouse emissions.

For 2015 and 2016, the company has opted to offset emissions with four different climate protection projects in four equal parts. We chose one forest conservation project in the rainforest in Brazil, a geothermal power plant in Guatemala, a hydropower project in Honduras and a wind power project in Mongolia.

"Our carbon-neutral healthy-sleep products are not just of a high quality and utility, they also allow our customers to do something for the protection of the climate whenever they buy a SAMINA product. Our motto now is: healthy and climate-neutral sleep at home and in the hotel," head of marketing Theresa Amann summarises.