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The SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem promotes healthy, healing and immune-boosting sleep. The combination of music medicine and colored light therapy opens up completely new possibilities for self-prevention of stress symptoms, sleep disorders, burnout, depression, pain syndrome, vegetative disorders, inflammatory processes, and much more.


Includes 20% MwSt.
Delivery Time: ca. 14-21 Werktage


The Sound Light Sleepsystem Premium Set consists of:

✅ SAMINA pillow with integrated sound function

✅ Light therapy lamp with spruce or alder veneer

✅ Access to the Sound Light Sleepsystem app.

“The unique combination of sleep-promoting music medicine, healing colored light therapy to the consolidation of mental strength through meditation, breathing exercises, positive suggestions, hypnosis and subliminals not only improves sleep on all levels, but thereby the healing powers of sleep are made effective in a medical-therapeutic way.”

With the Sound Light Sleepsystem we set new standards in the field of natural and holistic healing approaches around music medicine and color light therapy. Thereby we open new possibilities of self-care for stress symptoms, sleep disorders, burnout, depression, pain syndrome, vegetative disorders or inflammatory processes. In addition, this innovation provides unprecedented possibilities for meditation, breathing exercises, positive suggestions and hypnosis – all combined in a single system. This novel form of passive therapy will not only make falling asleep and awakening even easier, but will revolutionize the entire sleep and regeneration process.

Natural falling asleep & gentle awakening

The Sound Light Sleepsystem imitates the natural light spectrum of a sunrise, so you are gently awakened and not jolted out of sleep. Falling asleep and staying asleep is promoted by the chronobiologically effective music medicine in combination with the sleep-promoting light spectrum. Meditations are taken to a whole new level with the professional meditation programs of the Sound Light Sleepsystem!

The Sound Pillow

The Delta pillow, our most popular SAMINA pillow, offers the ideal basis for orthopedically correct positioning of the head thanks to its highly elastic natural rubber core. The high-quality HiFi speakers provide crystal clear sound.

The light therapy lamp

The filigree and natural lampshade is made of one piece of wood and is available in spruce or alder wood, allowing the ambience to be adjusted as desired. An extensive light spectrum with optimal light density is provided by the high-power LEDs.

iOS/Android App

The SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem can be easily controlled via the app. Here you can find various functions such as switching the lamp on and off, adjusting the brightness, color change, sleep aids, meditation and music playlists.

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