SAMINA Sleeping System Orthopaedic +

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✅ Slat frame
✅ Natural rubber mattress
✅ Sheep wool topper
✅ Lokosana® Light Earthing Pad
✅ Support or functional strips for mounting

Includes 20% MwSt.
Delivery Time: ca. 14-21 Werktage

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Personal, individual, different

✅ Handcrafted with attention to detail.

✅ 100 % ecological, 100 % natural for exclusive sleeping comfort.

✅ Because we care about our environment, we focus on sustainable production.

✅ For the sake of nature, we pay attention to a climate-friendly manufacturing process.

Orthopaedic and ergonomic fit – for a relaxed sleep.

The natural SAMINA sleeping system combines all the requirements of orthopaedic lying and thus ensures healthy and restful sleep. The system is built up in layers – all individual parts such as the slat frame, natural rubber mattress, sheep’s wool topper, blankets and pillows are harmoniously coordinated.

The flexibility and adaptability of the different components allows the SAMINA sleep system to be individually adapted to special needs and requirements. In order to convince yourself of the high quality of the SAMINA sleep system, we would like to invite you to a SAMINA store near you. There we will put together the optimal sleep system for you in the course of a personal and individual sleep consultation.

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