Pillow Anti-Aging

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SAMINA Anti-Aging

Developed by Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson

The core of the Anti-Aging pillow consists of small natural rubber flakes which exhibit pleasant elasticity and a precise alignment of the core to the sleeper’s neck area – well suited for side- and back sleepers.

handmade, 100 % ecological

255,00 351,00 


SAMINA’s cuddly pillow

No pillow is a perfect match for every single human being. With special consideration for personal sleeping preferences, like lateral, on the stomach, or on the back, SAMINA offers pillows in different shapes and with different fillings. The Anti-Aging pillow is very popular for cuddling, since its airy and fluffy filling made of 100 % natural rubber flakes makes it very supple and soft. Beyond that, the sensitive cervical spine is positioned and supported in a sensible manner. An changeable mantle made of 100 % organic sheep’s wool of high-grade Merino quality provides a comfortable dry and warm climate. The SAMINA Anti-Aging pillow is especially suited for side- and back sleepers. Measurements (in cm): 40/60 – 40/80 – 50/70.

Filled with organic virgin sheep’s wool – the “living” fiber

The 100 % pure virgin sheep’s wool used in the manufacturing process is entirely natural and untreated. This is the only way to ensure that the sheep’s wool can unfold its extraordinary ability, which is to absorb 30 % of its own weight in moisture. For a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience.

Natural rubber core

The pre-shaped pillow core consists of 100 % natural rubber. Natural rubber is a renewable material and is harvested by hand from the tropical rubber tree, in a gentle and ecologically appropriate way.

Optional: Case made of cotton or organic ceramic fabric

At SAMINA, the stuff that dreams are made of consists of either 100 % pure, breathable cotton (from controlled organic cultivation) or organic ceramic fibers (organic ceramic line). Special qualities of the textiles used by SAMINA: free of any chemical treatment, resilient, skin-friendly, breathable, moisture absorptive.

Cotton edition

The SAMINA bedware in pure, natural two-ply-quality cotton covers is very snuggly. Cotton is a natural fiber with outstanding characteristics. It is skin-friendly, soft, robust, breathable and even resorbs moisture very well.

Organic ceramic-cotton edition

A special combination of organic cotton and organic ceramic yarn is the fundament of this bedware line. The organic ceramic fiber allows for natural and warming infrared radiation. Thus, this bedware line is ideal for people who like it warm and cuddly and are more likely to freeze at night.

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