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SAMINA Nursing and Positioning Pillow

Developed by Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson

Toxin-free, cozy, supportive, relieving, anti-allergic. The SAMINA nursing and positioning pillow is perfectly suited for pregnancy, birth and nursing or just for relaxing moments for mother and child.

handmade, 100 % ecological

240,00 274,00 

Includes 20% MwSt.
Delivery Time: ca. 14-21 Werktage


The ideal pillow for pregnant and nursing women

Manual SAMINA quality in every detail, made from toxin-free raw materials like virgin sheep’s wool, cotton or organic ceramic cotton. Lying down in the lateral position, this nursing and positioning pillow supports the upper leg and arm with a compact and firm surface. This makes this lateral position enjoyable and comfortable. Used as a classic nursing pillow, it relieves the nursing mother’s arms, shoulders and neck, while the baby’s weight is resting in the mother’s arms, supported by the SAMINA nursing pillow.

The perfect cuddling and positioning pillow for young and old

The SAMINA nursing and positioning pillow is a loyal and snuggly companion during pregnancy, but also after. Not only expecting mothers can benefit from the diverse functions of this all-rounder pillow, as it can be of great use for the whole family. It’s very popular with both young and old for comfortable relaxation and sleep. It’s also often used as a positioning pillow for babies.

Positioning pillow for the elderly or bedridden

With the special curved shape and its length of approximately 180 cm, this pillow is perfect for positioning elder or bedridden people. With age, muscle mass decreases and the human body loses some of its strength. This directly influences body tension and posture. Equipped with a good quality positioning pillow, body and muscles gain additional support, even in a reclined and sleeping position. The SAMINA positioning pillow is ideally suited for positioning the limbs while asleep. The lateral position is stabilized and elevating arms or legs is made easier. The firm filling with its approximately 2 kg of pure and bio-active virgin sheep’s wool ensures good handling and placing of the positioning pillow. That way, older or bedridden people are accompanied with optimal positioning and support function at night, in a relaxing manner.

Natural sheep’s wool – for a peaceful night

SAMINA only utilizes untreated raw materials which are carefully and lovingly processed by hand. The used materials are subject to strict monitoring. This is to ensure that SAMINA products are free of any harmful substances and that the high standards of quality are always adhered to. Only by doing so, can the optimum of healthy and relaxing sleep be achieved.

The SAMINA nursing and positioning pillow is made at 100 % pure organic sheep’s wool as filling material and a fabric cover made of either 100 % cotton or organic ceramic cotton. These fine organic materials will provide any sleeper with a unique, relaxing sleep experience. The soothing effect and subtle fragrance of the sheep’s wool contribute to a peaceful, good night’s sleep. Fitting pillow cases in best cotton-satin quality are available in various colors.


  • Toxin-free, cuddly, supportive, stabilizing, anti-allergic
  • length: approximately 180 cm
  • filling: 2 kg pure, organic ecological sheep’s wool
  • cover: cotton or organic ceramic-cotton
  • functions: optimal stabilization and positioning, for SAMINA sleepers of any age (perfectly suited for a baby positioning pillow), ideal pregnancy and nursing pillow, relaxing sleeping experience, loyal companion in all circumstances in life
  • plus: fitting pillow case made with cotton-satin – also by SAMINA – available in the colors taupe, white, mocca, red, dark blue, ethno nature, ethno light blue
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