Lokosana® Cushion


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Developed by Prof. Dr. med. h.c. G. W. Amann-Jennson

Experience the Lokosana® grounding principle during work or at home at the workplace. The basic idea of the Lokosana® is earthing through the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields. The results are similar to the positive effects of walking barefoot and having direct contact with the earth.


Includes 20% MwSt.
Delivery Time: ca. 14-21 Werktage


Seat cushion with earthing function

  • Filling: 100% natural virgin sheep’s wool, silver fabric and organic magnets
  • Patented and safety-tested earthing plug (CE, SEV)
  • Vitalizes, protects and regenerates body and mind
  • Strengthens the earth’s natural magnetic field
  • Has an antistatic effect
  • Neutralizes harmful energy fields and static charges
  • Has an antibacterial effect, therefore dermatologically recommended

The Lokosana® seat cushion is used like a conventional seat cushion. It should definitely be earthed via a socket using the patented earthing plug (works without current). Make sure that the safety plug is firmly seated in the socket and that the connecting plugs are properly joined together.

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