Lokosana® Light Grounding Pad

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Developed by Prof. Dr. med. h.c. G. W. Amann-Jennson

Through the Night with the “Barefoot Effect”. The Lokosana® sleep and grounding pad is a certified medical product (CE) according to EU standard (Switzerland Swissmedic) for the promotion of sleep and regeneration quality.

1.923,00 3.420,00 

Includes 20% MwSt.
Delivery Time: ca. 14-21 Werktage


Sleep for Energy
There’s nothing new here—most people feel refreshed when they are outdoors in nature enjoying the sunshine, cool breezes and especially barefoot. Fresh air and exercise have long been known to reduce stress, as well as improve relaxation, healing and restful sleep. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the latter, namely sleep, is one of the essential factors for a healthy life, together with nutrition and physical activity. It seemed only logical to us that the biological effects of the earth’s magnetic field are also significant for our health and well-being. To promote restorative, healthy sleep through grounding is why we developed Lokosana®.

Our Lost Connection to the Earth
As recently as the turn of the last century, a majority of people worked outdoors and were in direct contact with the ground of the earth. Today, most of us spend a majority of our time indoors detached from the earth. Our modern lifestyles and habits—such as wearing rubber-soled shoes—leave us even more disconnected from the ground. As a consequence, many of us experience an accumulation of static electricity in our bodies which may lead to inflammation and potentially a host of other problems. The purpose of Lokosana® is to restore the natural, balanced electrical state of your body while sleeping.

Benefit from Natural Electricity
Human beings possess bio-electrical systems and live on an electrical planet. The basic idea of the Lokosana® grounding pad is to improve sleep quality through the desired stabilization of the earth’s magnetic fields known as earthing, or grounding. Based on research by the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, positive free-flowing electrons in our bodies have been linked to inflammation, aging and other chronic conditions and especially interfere with our natural sleep rhythms. By grounding your body at night while sleeping, the body is restored to its normal electrical state.

Restful Sleep Wherever You Are
The Lokosana® grounding pad may be used in combination with any bed but is the ideal complement to a SAMINA healthy sleep system which is also metal-free (non-conductive). Lokosana® works through a currentless connection through an electrical outlet only using the grounding component like it does with your electrical appliances. Lokosana® works through indirect contact with your body, meaning you do not have direct contact with the silver-fabric inside of the pad which could otherwise give you an electrostatic charge. Lokosana® also covers a great area of your body. Bio-magnets further assist in restoring the balance of the earth‘s magnetic field, which often is distorted despite its vital importance to humans. The result is similar to the effect of walking barefoot and having direct contact with the earth.

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