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Natural raw materials

The materials used at SAMINA all meet the highest quality standards – from the extraction to the processing of these sensitive and valuable raw materials. The untreated materials have a positive effect and promote sleep quality and rest. And so SAMINA brings a piece of nature back into your bedroom while using the power of nature in a smart way.

Organic sheep's wool for a dry and warm bed climate

Sheep's wool not only has an unmistakable smell, the properties of this untreated and natural fibre are also unique. The untreated and natural sheep's wool topper ensures adequate fluid intake. It has the ability to absorb around 30% of its own weight in liquid and release it back into the air. This means that it has moisture and temperature-regulating properties. The sheep's wool topper makes the bed climate warm and dry and creates a balance between room and body temperature.

The sheep's wool comes from living sheep in the Lechtal valley in the Allgäu region (the best German merino sheep); after shearing it is gently washed before it is carefully processed into wool fleece and other fabrics and then turned into blankets, pillows and toppers using traditional handicraft techniques. German merino wool is a very special type of wool due to its characteristics. Its high elasticity and volume deserve a special mention. After shearing, the wool is sorted based on various criteria such as fineness, crimp, fibre length, strength, elasticity, colour and gloss. SAMINA only uses the best and finest wool as filling materials for SAMINA bedding. Generally, it is used to make fine combed yarn and knitting yarns, which are then processed into fabrics and knitwear.

SAMINA's main aim is to produce natural products.

That's why the gentle processing of the natural raw materials is very important. This in particular applies to sheep's wool fillings. For this reason, we make each piece by hand using needle, thread, scissors and sewing machines. Chemical production aids may be used with automated and industrial production processes.

Because of the gentle extraction and processing of the SAMINA bedding, all natural properties of the sheep's wool are retained. The fibre and molecular structure of the material means it has very special properties. The always natural-coloured, light sheep's wool by SAMINA:

• biologically active, a living fibre
• high moisture absorption that is constantly released into the air
• good thermal conductivity and good warmth retention
• odour-neutral and binds odours
• always ensures a pleasant, dry warmth that is evenly distributed
• it is durable for a long time
• it is 100 % biodegradable and compostable
• it is antistatic and dirt-repellent (down is electrostatic)
• anti-rheumatic (pain-relieving), hypoallergenic and skin friendly
• has anti-bacterial properties, not a breeding ground for germs and mites
• it is absolutely natural: never treated with chemicals

Ash wood – robust, abrasion-resistant and still pliant

The precious properties of ash wood are an essential element of the SAMINA slat frames. Thanks to its unusual elasticity, this high-grade wood is ideal for the freely suspended and double-sided slatted bed base. The untreated solid wood is carefully processed into individual slats (unglued) and is scrupulously tested for quality. Sleep researchers recommend unglued slats. Glued slats can sag easily. For this reason they are given bridged support, which makes them more stable and less flexible. To be able to maintain pressure ratios, a slat must be able to cushion and absorb pressure instantaneously. Ash wood is best suited to this. It perfectly reacts to light as well as heavier weights. Following thorough testing of each individual slat, the SAMINA slat frame system (which consists of 90 individual slats) is carefully put together by hand.

All SAMINA slat frames are made from robust ash wood combined with the natural flexibility of natural rubber. The slat frame is the heart of the SAMINA sleep system; because it ensures orthopaedically correct positioning, which in turn relaxes and regenerates the back and the spine in your sleep. The unique structure of the double-sided, freely suspended SAMINA slat frame perfectly supports the sensitive spinal area and takes pressure off the discs and the muscles. This prevents or alleviates circulation problems, hardening of the muscles and pressure marks. Almost instantaneously, the SAMINA slat frame balances out every body movement during the night and improves sleep quality and depth of sleep.

Solid beech wood

In addition to ash wood, the robust beech wood from our local forests is also used to manufacture the SAMINA products. The sophisticated SAMINA extras (such as the assembly strips, seat adjuster, relaxation bridges and head and foot wedges) are made from 100% pure beech wood. Its special properties make the solid beech wood an ideal material for the SAMINA extras. The solid beech wood is extremely hard and therefore very hard-wearing and resilient.

Natural rubber in Vita Talalay quality

The best material for healthy sleep: 100% natural rubber. SAMINA stands for nature, and so does the high-quality SAMINA natural rubber mattresses. To be able to guarantee the unique Vita Talalay quality, the SAMINA mattresses are made with 100% natural rubber that is extracted by hand in a lengthy process. Most of this natural raw materials comes from tropical rubber trees from South East Asia. The rubber tree can grow up to 20 metres high. The rubber juice or latex can be found in fine latex tubes in the bark and is constantly produced.

Natural rubber mattresses have significant advantages over synthetic latex mattresses based on crude oil. Natural rubber is a renewable resource. It is extracted by hand, gently and ecologically. The energy requirement is only 10% that of chemical rubber, calculated based on the amount of fertiliser used for the trees, the manufacturing process and the subsequent transport. The SAMINA natural rubber mattresses are subject to the strictest quality standards, the same as those for all raw materials used by SAMINA. We regularly perform an exact analysis on material composition and possible contamination from environmental toxins.

The 100% SAMINA natural rubber mattress

The SAMINA natural rubber mattress is entirely free of harmful substances and thus guarantees comfort and stability for the back and spine. Its unique air-chamber system, which is composed of millions of tiny bubbles, means that when pressure is exerted on the mattress, air is squeezed out and sucked in again in a constant exchange. The interaction with the air prevents the accumulation of heat and moisture and promotes a harmonious bed climate. Natural rubber is a particularly durable and intelligent raw material that is broken down easily and in an eco-friendly way.

Cotton and organic ceramic fabrics

Dreams made by SAMINA. All SAMINA healthy-sleep products are enveloped either in the finest cotton or organic ceramic fabrics. The fabrics are free of chemicals and contaminants, they are highly durable, breathable and skin-friendly, and they absorb moisture in a unique way. This allows the energy of pure, natural materials to have a beneficial impact on body, mind and soul.

With SAMINA you spend your nights with materials you can trust. Treat your body to true relief and pure nature. Use the SAMINA bed as your personal source of strength so you can sleep peacefully and deeply. If you want to benefit from the power of nature for a healthy night's sleep, you choose SAMINA.