Expert opinions

Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht (longest serving sleep medicine expert in Germany and also an expert in stress medicine, chronomedicine, environmental medicine and space medicine)

"Visiting the SAMINA head office in Frastanz was a sleep-related medical and scientific experience for me. I am very impressed with their theoretical and scientific underpinning and the way modern sleep concepts are put into practice. The healthy-sleep concept and the Lokosana® system, which I myself had the opportunity to successfully enjoy, are at the international forefront. I am very grateful to SAMINA's founder, my colleague Günther W. Amann-Jennson, for his scientific presentations, with which I fully identify. I wish Günther W. Amann-Jennson and his team continued success in the implementation of innovative sleep concepts, which people urgently need. Because sleep quality (not quantity) is one of the most important factors when it comes to healthy living and staying healthy. If you sleep well, you are successful at work, you protect yourself from diseases, you feel younger and every night brings youthfulness (Hufeland). Very important: As you make your bed so you must lie in it!"

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke (doctor, psychotherapist, author)

"I have been using nothing but the SAMINA bed system for many years, and I enjoy it every night. Even the best hotels in the world cannot compete (when it comes to beds), but I hope that this will change over time. At first it was a little strange to move into a 5-star hotel with my own bed topper. Now I bring the Lokosana® with a clear conscience, because I know the difference it makes. If, like me, you don't sleep very much, you have to sleep well, and the SAMINA system and the Lokosana® help me do this. I have stated the reasons for better sleep with a better bed system in detail in my book 'Schlaf – die bessere Hälfte des Lebens' (Sleep – the better half of life). I am delighted that SAMINA puts these experiences into practice so convincingly."

Schlaf - Die bessere Hälfte des Lebens
Das große Buch der ganzheitlichen Therapien (Ruediger Dahlke (Hrsg.)

Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta (chiropractor and author from Hanover)

"Healthy sleep is one of the most important requirements for the natural control and regeneration of all body systems. Only good sleep is able to promote our personal and therapeutic efforts which we strive for during the day. The wrong bed and mattress are one of the main causes of back pain, tension and many health problems. The integrated sleep system from SAMINA is an excellent way to counter these problems. My personal experiences, the SAMINA philosophy as well as its products have won me over completely."

Rückenschmerzen müssen nicht sein (Heyne)
Die Intelligenz unseres Körpers (Heyne)

Toni Hochreutener (back and sleep expert, author, Zurich)

The back and sleep expert Toni Hochreutener recommends the SAMINA sleep system. "My many years of research and experience with hundreds of patients and clients have convinced me because of the system's great success. SAMINA meets all the orthopaedic-anatomical, material and bed climate standards of sleep medicine. During sleep, the effect of the double-sided, highly flexible and above all freely suspended slat frame is long-term traction - i.e. a gentle stretching of the spine. This is the only way to ensure that the discs can regenerate. Whatever your lying position, the body is perfectly supported and stabilised. What's more, the body's ability to adapt during sleep prevents the joint capsules and muscles from becoming tense. The biologically active sheep's wool ensures a hygienic, and dry and warm bed climate at all times. More than 20 orthopaedically tested pillows support the correct positioning of the cervical spine. In a nutshell - in my view the SAMINA healthy-sleep concept is great."

Erfolgreich gegen Rückenbeschwerden - Gelenkleiden - Haltungsschäden (Eigenverlag)

Dr. Friedhelm Heber (specialist for orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery)

"From an orthopaedic viewpoint, the SAMINA sleep system has all the main features of a healthful bed. It supports the physiological position of the spine, supports the body, and the traction helps the discs to recuperate. The SAMINA sleep system promotes the metabolism of the locomotor system and creates a healthy bed climate. This way it contributes to the prevention of diseases of the spine. The SAMINA sleep system can be quickly adapted to the needs of people with orthopaedic complaints. Its natural properties support patients, doctors and physiotherapists in the treatment process. These are the experiences of many satisfied patients and customers."

Andreas Koller (Dipl. health advisor, Betriebsmedizin voestalpine team, Linz, Austria)

"Confucius once said: 'I only need three elemental things to live: some water to drink, some bread to eat and an angled arm to sleep. If Confucius had known the SAMINA sleep system, he would have said something different! Ever since my partner and I have been sleeping on SAMINA, our sleep quality and quality of life have improved incredibly."

Yuriy May, DMD, ND, IBDM, AIAOMT, AASD (Natural & Esthetic Dentistry Center, Farmington CT)

"As a craniofacial expert who continuously works to optimize the facial structures, cranial structures, airway breathing channels and of course patient's dentition, I understand the benefits of proper spinal cord alignment and the importance of sleep for brain function. While knowing all the science, I had a difficult time appreciating that the SAMINA Sleep System could deliver the benefits of less toxicity in the brain, bio-modulation of the autonomic nervous system, reduction in brain swelling, improved REM cycles, better blood circulation, etc. That is until I bought my own custom SAMINA Sleep System. The difference was incredible. Within 48 hours my wife and I had significantly reduced facial swelling, lower blood pressure, increased focus, felt rested and our osteopath confirmed our postural alignment had noticeably improved. While I cannot promise it will make you younger, I can tell you from personal experience it will make you FEEL younger, healthier more alive and vibrant."