SAMINA Bioactive, Cuddly Duvets

Year after year, SAMINA duvets ensure you enjoy an optimal bed environment in all seasons. The duvets are filled by hand and sewn point-by-point to prevent thermal gaps.

A harmonious bed environment is of fundamental importance for restorative and healthy sleep. The wool fillings in SAMINA bedding are, without exception, made from 100 % organic virgin sheep’s wool obtained only from sheep that run wild. The natural fiber has a high degree of self-cleaning capability. Virgin sheep’s wool is absolutely one of the best climate fibers because of its properties to keep you comfortably warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the summer. Its extraordinary ability to absorb about 30 % of its own weight in moisture which then evaporates into the atmosphere of the room make virgin sheep’s wool an ideal filling for bedding. SAMINA duvets are simply gorgeous; soft to the touch and with a floating quality. The cover is made from 100% organic cotton ticking and the inserted filling is fixed with cross-stitching. The SAMINA family of duvets offers a selection appropriate for every climate.

SAMINA Four Seasons

SAMINA Midsummer Night Dream

Just a breath of virgin sheep’s wool, the Midsummer Night Dream is the perfect duvet for hot summer nights to keep your bed cool and dry. Filling: 7/10 an oz. of virgin sheep’s wool per square foot.


For pleasant summer nights, a light and airy Summer duvet. Filling: 1 oz. of virgin sheep’s wool per square foot.

SAMINA Spring/Autumn

For in-between seasons, you can use our Spring/Autumn duvet to maintain an optimal warm and dry bed environment. Filling: 2 oz. of virgin sheep’s wool per square foot

SAMINA Four Seasons

In winter, simply curl up in the Four Seasons duvet. This is a combination of the light Summer duvet and Spring/Autumn duvet (joined together by tying together the loops at either end) resulting in a cozy, heavier weight duvet. Like its name, this duvet is best for climates with four distinct seasons. Filling: 3 oz. per square foot