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Bed systems

Better sleep with the SAMINA bed system

SAMINA is a sought-after bed system not only for people with back problems. An increasing number of healthy and young people have also understood that prevention is better than cure and value a good and orthopaedically perfect sleep base.
These days, back problems are among the most frequent health problems. There are many different causes and just as many treatments.
In this regard, your sleeping area is of central importance; because sleep quality determines quality of life. Sleep quality can be considerably improved through:

  • a sensible and generally healthy lifestyle
  • an undisturbed sleeping environment
  • a bed system based on an orthopaedically, dermatologically and rheumatologically balanced healthy-sleep concept

Visiting one of our SAMINA consultants is worth your while; they provide competent advice all about sleep, especially about an electrosmog-free sleeping area and bed structures with orthopaedic and anti-rheumatic effects.

Let go and immerse yourself into the night of dreams. That's important for your health and vitality. Especially after a tiring day. SAMINA has been taking advantage of the power of nature for about 30 years. And so your SAMINA sleep will be a very special and natural sleep experience. The unique SAMINA spinal support slats gently carries and supports you every night. Your body is enveloped with high-quality natural materials that ensure a comfortable, and dry and warm bed climate. Lying and sleeping will be a pleasure for body and mind. The SAMINA healthy-sleep philosophy combines all factors known to promote natural sleep processes. It always meets all the biological, medical and orthopaedic, hygiene and material-related standards necessary for healthy sleep.

The SAMINA bed system has a systematic structure that is perfectly in line with what our body needs. The spine is a complex system in which discs, small vertebral joints, taut fibres and muscles dynamically and finely control the positions of the individual vertebrae. Such a bed system should not be left to chance or to an inappropriate sleep base during the important regeneration phase of sleep. During sleep in particular, our muscles become limp. Limp muscle fibres do not give support, which has a detrimental effect on the discs and vertebral joints, unless the sleep base provides support and relieves pressure. This means that during a long sleep the body needs a bed environment that conforms to this systematic physical structure and the fine control of the spine, a bed environment that has been systematically thought through.

From the point of view of modern sleep medicine, a bed system that suits the body has to meet very high standards. During lying, the discs should not get wedged in, the vertebral joints should not shift out of place, the entire spinal system should be supported and pressure taken off it, and the muscles and tissue fibres need a dry bed climate to prevent soft-tissue rheumatism.

In summary, the ideal bed system should be as follows:

  • provide support and stabilise
  • balance out pressure and be comfortable
  • offer a good bed climate

SAMINA has left nothing to chance, because these requirements are perfectly met with the systematic design of the double spinal support slats, the natural rubber mattress, the wool topper and blankets made from natural sheep's wool.

SAMINA also has a large selection of pillows, which are filled with bioactive sheep's wool and, if needed, with soft orthopaedic padding made from natural rubber, millet or arolla pine wood. The blankets, pillows and wool toppers are anti-rheumatic, they repel dust mites and bacteria and prevent sweating.

Countless people who once suffered from sleep problems now enjoy pain-free and undisturbed sleep with the SAMINA bed system.

Start the day well rested! Recharged with physical and mental energy. Without you even being aware of it, your organism together with SAMINA has performed enormous work to regenerate your body and mind.