SAMINA Orthopaedic Pillows

From an orthopaedic point of view, the correct pillow is vital for optimal regeneration of the sensitive cervical spine. The specifications for maximum pillow support are manifold. SAMINA, in collaboration with experts in the field, has created a generation of pillows that meet all the very different requirements. Key advantages include construction, size, use of natural materials and the variety of fillings ranging from virgin sheep’s wool to spelt and millet and even stone pine shavings.


SAMINA Balance

Correct position of neck and head of benefit to the cervical spine. Narrow bodies of rubber in the back of the neck. Especially suitable for long necks and pronounced neck lordosis. Measurements (in cm): 40/60 – 40/80 – 50/80.



Rubber padding equalizes the distance between cheek and shoulder in the side-lying position. A rubber lens supports the shape of the neck. No need for repositioning in different sleep positions. Highly recommended for sensitive necks even for whiplash. Measurements (in cm): 50/80.



Highly elastic natural rubber core, adapted to the neck-head line, orthopaedically effective. Prevents positional strain in the neck. Ideal for people who sleep on their side. Available in different heights. Measurements (in cm): 40/60 – 40/80 – 50/70 – 50/80.


SAMINA spelt, flock, millet, kapok, Swiss stone pine

The core consists of spelt grain or millet husks from certified organic growers, natural kapok fibres or pine shavings or in the case of the flock pillow, rubber flakes. These filling materials offer precise equalization of the core at sleeper’s neck area. Measurements (in cm): 40/60. Flock: 40/60 – 40/80 – 50/70 – 50/80. 



Devised by back expert, Toni Hochreutener (ZH, Switzerland), it pillows the area between the legs or acts as an underlay (from thigh to beyond the ankle joint). This pillow is eminently suitable for sensitive people and hip patients as well as for longer, illness-related bed rest. Measurements (in cm): 45/90.


SAMINA Kombi-med

Moulded pillow, filled with narrow rubber nuggets and natural sheep’s wool. Well-adapted to lordosis of the neck and shoulder area. Measurements (in cm): 50/80.

Nature Soft

SAMINA Nature Soft

A highly elastic soft rubber core within, ensures good adaptation in the back of neck area. Especially suitable for people with wide shoulders. Also available in “extra soft", “extra high" and “extra flat”. Measurements (in cm): 40/80.


SAMINA Phoenix

A special pillow for people who sleep on their stomach. Because of its two generous hollows on the sides the head will remain at less of an angle. This ensures less strain on the cervical spine and upper part of the spinal column. Measurements (in cm): 40/60.


SAMINA Papillon

The ideal travel pillow for car, train and airplane - filled with sheep's wool - it offers side-on support for the head in the half-sitting position. Measurements (in cm): ca. 55/30.


SAMINA Standard

Filled with pure Merino virgin sheep’s wool. Pillow case made from 100% cotton. The two models «light» and «extra light» are very suitable as children’s pillows. Measurements (in cm): 40/60 – 40/80 – 50/70 – 50/80.