SAMINA Bio-Ceramic for blissful warmth

The merging of various minerals enables the unique SAMINA Bio-Ceramic mattress toppers, duvets and pillows to absorb and store the infrared radiation of daylight for fantastically warm sleeping pleasure.

In collaboration with specialists, SAMINA succeeded in combining the special forces of various minerals with organic cotton resulting in the special cotton-ceramic fabric called Bio-Ceramic. With Bio-Ceramic bedding, heat and moisture during sleep is optimally balanced. Bio-Ceramic bedding also promotes detoxification, relaxation and reduces stress on the body and ensuring greater vitality.

  • Casing: special Bio-Ceramics and cotton fabric
  • Filling: 100 % organic sheep’s wool
  • Soft and supple bed linens
  • Optimal thermal and moisture balance
  • Healthy infrared radiation through body heat
  • Optimal balance of body’s natural energies
  • Particularly valuable for people who feel cold quickly and have a higher demand for heat during sleep

It’s all about the casing

A special combination of 60% organic cotton and 40% bioceramic yarn is the basis for another innovation from SAMINA. The pure, organic SAMINA virgin sheep‘s wool is wrapped in this natural fabric creating soft and supple mattress topers, pillows and duvets to create a dry and cozy warm bed climate.

Healthy infrared radiation through Bio-Ceramic fabric

The merging of various minerals gives the bio-ceramic woven fabric the ability to absorb and store the infrared radiation of daylight. At night, this infrared radiation is activated by body heat and released to the body. Infrared rays have a proven positive effect on the human body promoting important microcirculation thus ensuring an optimum balance of the body‘s natural energy.