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Sleep in its most natural form
100% natural, organic materials,
processed by hand

The highly flexible SAMINA slat frame is the basis for all medical-orthopaedic specifications for anatomically correct lying positions and sleeping. In combination with the point-elastic natural rubber mattress and the virgin sheep’s wool pad, proper support and suspension of the spinal column may be achieved in all sleeping positions. Thus the SAMINA sleeping system, which adapts perfectly to the human body, helps the back recuperate and prevents back disorders.


SAMINA virgin sheep’s wool pad with climate regulation

The SAMINA virgin sheep’s wool pad is the uppermost layer of the SAMINA sleeping system. It is filled with 100 % organic virgin sheep’s wool which has the ability to absorb a high degree of moisture and, ideally, also has the virtue of being self-cleaning, thereby eliminating moisture, frequently a breeding ground for allergy-inducing house dust mites. Dry warmth has the effect of inducing comforting sleep and is anti-rheumatic. The wool fleece for the SAMINA virgin wool pad is sewn by hand with meticulous cross stitching. This avoids the possibility of thermal bridges and creates the incomparable bed climate that SAMINA is renowned for.


Lokosana® grounding pad - Through the night with the „barefoot effect“

Human beings are bio-electrical systems living on an electrical planet. The basic idea of the Lokosana® grounding pad is to improve quality of sleep through earthing and the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields. Our objective here is the combination of free-flowing electrons and the influence of the natural magnetic field on sleep. Through earthing at night the body is restored to its normal electrical state and more able to compensate for unwanted electric field influences. The three active components earthing, silver and bio-magnets harmonise the energetic oscillations and frequencies within the cells.


Natural SAMINA Rubber Mattress with high-point elasticity

The SAMINA natural rubber mattress efficiently transfers the action and properties of the slat frame. It is characterised by particularly high point elasticity and an exceptionally good resilience. The natural rubber mattress guarantees a high level of comfort while sleeping. SAMINA mattresses are made from 100% natural rubber. Thanks to its porous cellular structure, the SAMINA natural rubber mattress ensures optimal moisture regulation. They are low-maintenance (light weight) and are durable owing to negligible loss of height and rigidity.


Freely suspended SAMINA Slat Frame

The patented construction of the freely suspended, double-sided SAMINA slat frame creates maximum support for the lumbar spine and at the same time eases the strain on the intervertebral discs and the musculature. The result is constant pressure equalization between the sleeper and the bed base. The musculature is able to let go perfectly in all sleeping positions and relax. Pressure marks, muscle hardening or circulatory disturbances can be avoided. The SAMINA slat frame interacts with the sleeper in a supportive, springy and balanced way - irrespective of body weight. This unique construction allows every movement of the body to be absorbed and equalized and bad positions during sleep can be safely avoided.


Optional Accessories

SAMINA also offers a series of sophisticated accessories. The reading upright adjustment enables a gentle support of the spine while seated. The relaxation frame bridge provides relaxation laying on the stomach, through a subsupport of the loin-spine. Special wedges facilitate the height adjustment of the head and foot area by 4 cm.